Photo of the Month

2018 Photo of the Month Themes

JanBaby, It’s Cold Outside
MarA ____ On the Road
MayNo contest this month
JunWater ____
SepBird(s) or Animal(s)
OctWay Up There

Photo of the Month Winners: March

Advanced Level, Monthly Theme: Al Wood - Denaili Shrouded in Clouds

Photo of the Month Contest

The photo of the month contest is held at each monthly meeting of the Brentwood Photography Group.  Members in attendance vote for the top pictures in both a themed category and an open category (any subject).

To participate, follow the rules below, bring your printed images to the monthly BPG meeting, write your name on the back, and hang them on the stands provided in the lobby.  Winners will be announced at the end of each meeting, and images will be published to our digital sites and the local paper.


1. Each month, we will have a themed and open category.  You can enter up to 1 image in either (or both) categories each month.

2. You will  choose to enter in one of three experience levels (choose only one level per month):

  • Entry Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

3. If you earn 30% or more of your income from photography, you must enter in the Advanced level.

4. Any member that has accrued five wins at the Entry or Intermediate level automatically gets advanced to the next level and may not return to a lower level.

5. Your images should be made within a 12 month period preceding the meeting.

6. Images should be printed no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches.

7. Participation in the Photo of the Month contest provides one point for the President’s Cup.  Make sure you sign in when hanging your prints.

Instructions for Photo of the Month Winners

  • Resize your image to 1400 pixels along the longest edge (see details below)
  • Save image with the format of .jpg and a your name in the file name (ex:first_last.jpg) (see details below)
  • Email the image to with the subject of Photo of the Month Winner and the following info in the body of the email
    • Your name
    • Description of the image
    • Where & when you took the image
    • What equipment you used to take the image

How to Size your Image
Image size should be 1400 pixels along the longest edge.  Save as a .jpg file with firstname_lastname.jpg as the naming convention.

Photoshop Instructions:

  1. Open your image in Photoshop and navigate to Image>Image Size
  2. Make sure that Constrain Proportions and Resample Image fields are checked
  3. Enter 200 into the Resolution field (Pixels/Inch)
  4. Enter 7 (inches) in either Height or Width field depending which dimension of your image is larger.  The other dimension will automatically fill in.
  5. Click OK
  6. Your image is now sized at 1400 pixels along the longest edge.

Lightroom Instructions:

  1. Select your image while in Library Mode. Select Export (lower left corner).
  2. Export Location – Choose a location
  3. File Naming – Check Rename To and select Custom Name. Enter your First_Last Name into Custom Text.
  4. File Settings – Select these settings: Image Format – JPEG, Quality – 75, Color Space – sRGB
  5. Image Sizing – Check Resize to Fit and select Long Edge. Type 1400 in the box below and select “pixels”. Resolution is irreverent.
  6. Output Sharpening – Check Sharpen For and select Screen. Select Standard for Amount
  7. Metadata – Select Copyright and Contact Info Only
  8. Select Export (lower right corner)